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With an increased need for faster integration deployments, organizations need to have the resources to implement new integration projects without heavily relying on support. Neudesic’s integration platform modernization simplifies complex integration platforms and delivers solutions designed to increase reliability and scalability. Neudesic provides deep expertise on building, implementing and maintaining best-of-breed integration solutions and API management.

Cloud Adoption

Adopt DevOps practices within your integration platform and seamlessly integrate your cloud technologies with your on-premise systems

ESB Modernization

Evolve existing ESB and SOA based IT Architectures for agile consolidation of multiple disconnected integration tools

API Management

Securely expose APIs, improve visibility into the success of APIs, and enable digital sources of revenue

Data Synchronization

Migrate data into new systems, optimize large batch data synchronization processes, and provide data for analytics and AI

Integration Modernization

Next level integration competences moving up from point-to-point integration to full enterprise-grage cutting-edge inovations in secure connected systems

With our modernized integration system and health-check framework, we take an assessment of your existing integration systems and identify key areas of opportunity to unlock savings and efficiencies.

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